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sun bathing on a cold morning

My attentions were not wanted. I can understand atho’ bright and sunny, there was a 30- 40 kmph wind happening. She had found a nice warm patch, the squirrels and chipmunks had scattered when I arrived.. it was peaceful and calm, I was an intrusion.

two feeders left, I have enough feed for another visit.

I had a very productive morning laid out, since the province is going on a shut down after midnight tonight, I thought to get some groceries in. Especially after my surgery come middle of the month, I am told I will not want or be able to do much for the first week or so. (activities, ie. running for groceries etc.) I will only be able to deal with soft food, should I have an appetite at all. However, that said, I do need to keep my body fed, I am diabetic and simply not eating is not an option.

Finding that the shops were all closed today, open tomorrow (with limitations) I took the time to play with my camera. At Dewberry it was one giant wind tunnel, I didn’t stay long, I filled the feeders, said hello to my male and female grosbeak that came to say hello.. and left. The above pictures were taken at Mer Bleue. The sky was alive with blue jays, I could see the flashes of white as they flew from tree branch to tree branch high in the surrounding trees. There were few of the smaller birds around this morning, the high winds could have been a factor.

Be a person who can say “I like it” Find what moves you the most and express your appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2021.2

Be forever young and seek new challenges. The world is constantly in motion and never rests. Keep your sense sharp and be ready to adapt to the very changing world.

Perfect Liberty 2018.2

Take care dear friends, if today is a holiday for you, observe the meaning of the day, carry your thoughts into the celebration of the holiday. It is a special time. If this is a day off and an opportunity for you to rest and enjoy some ME time… don’t squander the time, celebrate being YOU.

PL Precept #1 Life is Art, #1 Vida es Arte #1 Vida e Arte.

Comments on: "sittin’ in the morning sun" (11)

  1. I like it – the bird far from the wandering bird herds

  2. You’re brave going out in the wind. I’m not a fan of wind. The birds look pretty.

    • the mourning dove was content, they are a very calm bird.. I don’t think I’ve seen one in a flap… the wind can bite.. but I deal with it.. its harder in the deep winter..

    • good morning you… years back when we had a conservative government, they decided we didn’t need to mfg. vaccines or continue to have laboratory experiments etc. cut backs you know #$%^& anyway, now we pay the price, we have no supply here in Canada, we have had to import, and the UK and then the US have limited supplies to us.. Canada has paid for millions and has been send only partial shipments, here and there.
      I had not really known the mourning doves until this past winter when I saw them up close and personal at the sites I tended… they don’t stand out in colour etc. and their personalities are quiet .. so.. it is only recently that I’ve had personal up close interaction with them.
      The bossy birds were always taking front and centre.
      Have a great day.. its lovely here, and we are being told there is more wonderful weather to come for the long weekend.
      I was surprised that in the States Good Friday was not a holiday, is Easter? and Good Monday?

      • No, we don’t get an Easter holiday. It’s the whoe separatetion of church and state thing. We get Christmas off, but that is a holdover. If they ever tried to take Christmas away, then there would be an insurrection. Oddly, the New York Stock Exchange is closed on Good Friday.
        The mourning doves are nice. They wait until all the otehrs have left and then come by to claim the food that feel from the feeders.
        Happy Easter.

  3. Had a Mourning Dove outside the kitchen window today… close up.
    Great shots!
    Mourning Doves are so sweet and placid! 🙂

  4. I wish you well with your surgery

    • my niece said ” you are shopping for your surgery now” ( soft foods and prepared single servings) LOL I don’t want to be rushing around closer to the date 15th. especially when the doctor told me that for at least a week I will be out of commission. and then there is a wait for 3, 6 months to heal..I’m old fashioned, I like things “ready” and with the shut down here, who knows what it will be like in a week or two. we are shut down for 28 days.

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