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Japan – April 1

Rev Goto our minister here in Ottawa for some years, is now back in Japan on his way to the PL school where he is now principal. He was gracious enough to give me permission to share with you this photo he took on his way to work.

This man was my mentor here in Ottawa, I would not have studied and gone through for teachings in the philosophy of PL had he not encouraged me to do so. We never know in life when we will meet up with or come across a person or people who by their purpose and dedication lead you into or towards a different path. Being a Hokyoshi (Assistant Minister) in PL (Perfect Liberty) has enabled me to grow in both spirit and mind. I have never been happier with the “road” I’m on, the direction I’m taking, and with the all people I meet along the way.

These beautiful cherry blossoms that are now in full bloom, will eventually give way to leaves as they evolve through their cycle of life during the seasons. So will we, our time here is constantly in motion, we too change with the seasons, every day brings us a new beginning..

For readers in Brazil, Alberto Barbos and Master Alexander Levorato are asking for your participation in a Campaign to help those in need, their contact information can be found on FB (Brazil). Master Levorato is with the West Zone of SP, he is the organizer of this campaign, If you can help, please contact one of these men. Donations will be collected/received until April 30.21. Together we grow stronger!

Today’s calendar – April 1.2021 Each person’s peace leads to World Peace

Viva en verdadera libertad . Viva na verdadeira liberdade LIVE IN PERFECT LIBERTY

World Peace ceremony @ 10 a.m today. in Ottawa Church.

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