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Early morning stroll through the woods was amazingly peaceful. I saw another ermine, many squirrels, chipmunks, and I can’t swear to what it was, but it was an animal, bigger than a squirrel, black, sleek with white streaked by me through the thickets, under a raised foot path, and into an area of brush. Because it was a rich black satin and there was a lot of white, I thought of a skunk, but.. skunks I’ve seen in the past, waddle, and have girth, this animal was sleek. What few people I did see were off in the distance, on another trail. Any ideas? It was fast and ran like the ermine does.. a graceful leaping action.

squirrel in a basket

The weather forecasters are calling for even higher temperatures over the next couple of days. There was little to no snow in the woods, with the ongoing balmy weather, we should be seeing a lot of new growth soon. I’ve almost depleted my sunflower seeds.. I left the squirrel to his breakfast, the supply will simply disappear by next visit.

Tell yourself “things happen” Even if something is inconvenient, once you accept it you’ll be able to move onto the next step.

Perfect Liberty 2021.8
There are many path ways presented to us during our daily living. choose wisely.


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  1. Maybe it was a mink? Or an ermine in its summer coat?

  2. A fine gallery with paths as a good metaphor

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