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busy grooming

I had already realized that my Nikon was no longer going to perform having received the battery tired message. These were taken with my cell phone. I tried to capture him with his face towards me, but he just wouldn’t stop his grooming.

This duck was another one who visited, he actually started to come up to me, then the squirrel intruded. I possibly insulted him calling him a bird, and not recognizing he was a duck. I’ve never had occasion to call or converse with a duck before !!

The birds/ducks were all over the place today, I should have gotten there earlier, I would have had more time, as it was I only got to explore on the other side of the road, not the part of Mud Lake I had been on before.

This side of the road the walking is more difficult, a good pair of hiking boots would have been best.
paths were rugged, rocky and wound up and down the landscape. I’lll add it was cold today, there were other photographers everywhere.
notes on this Saturday’s adventure from Mud lake.

PL Precept #1 Life is Art…. Life is also an adventure… live it to the fullest.

Comments on: "busy grooming" (11)

  1. Beautiful pics…

  2. I loved that nosy little black squirrel, coming to see if you were giving hand-outs!

    • I know.. any other time (winter) I would have had nuts or something to share with him.. but all that is put away.. my Nikon died on me, so I was using my cell, I was focused on trying my hand at video.. I’m a novice … but it was OK. the birds/ducks and geese were so plentiful today, it was awesome. – waves a good evening to her friend.. =^_^=

  3. A lovely tour. It is amazing what can be done with mobiles now. I liked the video photobombing by the squirrel

  4. I’ve never seen a black squirrel.

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