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flash from the past

Sometimes we find a picture of another time .. another experience, or lesson …I had never heard of this writer, a friend suggested I read one of his books. I was aghast to say the least… and was not sure how to react, being the “feminist’s” I thought myself to be.. I was a very determined young lady, strong, assertive, and sure of who I thought I was etc. etc. However, it was put to me that I should not judge or say what I was saying if I had not at least read one of this man’s novels. I was basing my opinion(s) thoughts on what I was hearing/seeing from other viewpoints and interpretations.

I had told my husband of this friend’s suggestion, being the world traveler, writer etc., that he was, he thought that my friend made a good point. If I myself had not read the author’s own words, and presentation of the subject, I was not forming my “opinion” on the writer’s work. Of course the design cover of the books didn’t thrill me so that had immediately put me off.. However, I did read one of his books, started with his first book, that led me to book two and before I knew it I had read maybe 6, 8 books.. I was drawn like a moth to a flame to a world that I had really not known anything about…

I did note they were written years ago, (at the time I was introduced to the subject) and the writer was introducing you to his concept of a world that ran parallel to ours.. (I was not at that time reading or had been reading much fiction)

It is now many many years later, and I stress MANY and I found the picture you see above.. it got me thinking am I more open today. I also realize that in today’s world we have had books and movies out that are much more explicit and take the reader down some very “interesting” “realities”

I write about it today, because a long time friend surprised me just last night in conversation, with just a few sentences he/she gave me new insight into one of “his/her” internal rooms (thinking) that I had up till that moment not known existed.

The world is a very interesting place, where we least expect it – a new window/door opens..

Just saying… it is food for thought, n’est pas? Any comments or thoughts? If anyone knows this writer and his books, or has knowledge of this subject, I would be interested in how you see it .. in today’s world.. would it still glean a following?

Life is Art

Perfect Liberty Precept #1

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