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when love is gone

I was heart broken today when I went to visit a wonderful old “lady”.. a charming homestead on a back road that I drove by many many times. I met a young man while I* was waiting for my car the other day.. surprise we had common interests and memories.. He told me how a home he’d known for years had been vandalized, because it had stood vacant, and a blogger wrote about it .. giving its location.. This brought unwanted attention, windows were broken beautiful old doors were smashed, anything that could be taken was stolen. I felt a shudder when he told me about it, and wondered if we were talking about the same “grand lady”… Today I found out we were.

All around there are new houses going in.. I took pictures around the grounds, even tho’ the house has suffered the disrespect of looters, the family home and out buildings still hold the charm of yesteryear. It was quiet, I could imagine what it would have been like when children ran and played on the spacious lawns. Animals would have been lingering and enjoying the wonderful country sounds. Farm workers would have been tending the fields (in the back of the house) I could even imagine the smell of fresh baking wafting from the open kitchen windows.

The reality of the moment came crashing down around me when I heard a car driving down a road that was not too far from the driveway to the farm. Change is evident, we can’t stop progress, but I hope that a time will come when respect for the world around us, will eliminate the kind of unnecessary damages that were done to this fine old home. Not to mention the heartache to the family who have had this homestead in their lives for years.

Each person’s peace leads to world peace. First of all you have to be happy. That happiness will spread and be the foundation of World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.1

If you are in Canada, this is Canada Day… (July 1.) have a great day of celebration, smile and spread the joy.

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be safe


Comments on: "when love is gone" (23)

  1. It’s sad that people would vandalize a house like that. I love old houses and would like to see more saved rather than replaced with new ones.

    • what was sad for me was the home was not lived in on a daily basis, it was looked after, there was still some furniture inside. the land was being tended, but .. there was not a family living there permanently. The owners still have it monitored, even more so now, but… the damage has been done…. happy Canada Day and of course this is your July 4 week-end coming up!!! HUGS

  2. Really sad. Regrettably, today, a symptom of the age we leave in I guess.

  3. This such a sad post. I feel bad for that house. I’ll never understand how people can feel good about themselves when they do such damage.

    • It is sad Dan, my knowledge of what happened came about because I was talking about how much I loved doors, and about our Thursday Door event. He then told me about the beautiful wood doors that had been kicked in at the house and and and… When I saw the house, and felt how wonderful she must have been in her day.. I had to write about it. Especially since it was a blogger who started the fiasco by writing about the house, not doing the proper research, and giving co-ordinates to where it was!!!!!! (without the owner’s consent)
      Have a great long week-end .. stay cool, stay safe.. virtual hugs

  4. Such soulless vandalism and looting.

  5. What a serendipitous encounter and a sad story about the looting of the house. It is still charming and inviting rest and reflection.
    Nice photos

  6. That must have been a beautiful home in its prime and is attractive even now. I will never understand the desire of some people to destroy, as evidenced all too often this last year with burning and looting but also in actions like littering.


  7. lise lawrence said:


  8. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    I have helped a few friends with old houses. Restoring them is much more complicated than simply a new coat of paint. There is black mold to contend with if the building has been empty for a while. If the pipes were not properly drained, the there is water damage. The list goes on. Restoring one is truly a labor of love (and sweat).

    • the house was being looked after Nick, it was not being lived in full time, but it was being cared for, and often visited (during the day/week-ends).. even hiring a security service and putting in cameras etc. didn’t stop the vandals and trouble makers. Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations. xxxoo

  9. You are addressing one of the incomprehensible things of our time: looting and vandalizing. It must be the result of inability of pent up anger and rage. Sorry to see and watch this!

    • Hi Jeshie, thanks for dropping in.. I agree with you.. it is incomprehensible… have a great week-end!

      • Nicholas Vrtis said:

        Maybe I am naive, but I disagree that things are worse now. 20-30 years ago, most of the people who are reading this blog would never have heard about the house, or the breakin. So to them “it never happened”. If it wasn’t written about in the local city newspaper, we didn’t know about it.

        Newspapers always needed to fill space with local interest, science articles, etc. Now, our news feed is slammed with extremes. Beautiful photographs, rape, laughing children, bombing, random acts of kindness, mass shootings. We get whipsawed back and forth. It seems like the world is falling apart.

  10. Such a shame, and waste. I find it hard to understand why someone would do this.
    Hope you enjoyed Canada Day, our good neighbor!

  11. I hate to see any property vandalized but it’s even more upsetting when it’s an old house with a family history behind it. Good that you photographed it as it may disappear altogether one day.

    • I know.. when the young man was telling me about what happened, I could feel his pain in just reliving the memory. Happy Friday Jean!

  12. This is terrible. 😦 So sorry.

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