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white dove

White doves are symbolic of new beginnings, peace, fidelity, love, luck and prosperity. Their release is a tradition that has been making ceremonies, rituals and celebrations more powerful and meaningful for thousands of years. … The symbol of the pure white dove transcends all cultures and traditions. ( taken from google search)

What Does It Mean When a Dove Visits You? The message of love, hope and peace is often conveyed in the appearance of a mourning dove. … It can represent a messenger of love sent from God. The mourning dove might be sent to you during a time of crisis. (internet)

This white dove was quick to arrive when I got out of my car, she settled on a branch nearby.. and seemed to be waiting, when I went to the back of my car to the boot, she actually moved over to sit on my car by the driver’s door. To say I was thrilled to see her is an understatement, I had never seen a white dove in person before.

It is said that if a dove follows you, it can be a message that you are in a period of rediscovery about your life. This is currently so true, another reason why I am a believer. Doves teach us that regardless of external circumstances, peace is always within reach. They carry the energy of promise… I spent a lot of time yesterday, “thinking” I am awed that out of the blue, a white dove would come to me today.

Yes there have been doves at the site where I was today, always the mourning dove.. in the pretty soft shades of gray and beige.. today … this dove was white.

Timing is important .. today is the Day of Peace in PL, it is celebrated every 1st of the month. =^_^=

Meeting the dove today, was an awe inspiring moment, Till soon.,

Comments on: "white dove" (3)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    You deserve a white dove visit. Hope things are clearing up a little.

  2. How lovely to meet this pretty little one. Given how tame she was, I suspect that she may be someone’s pet homing or racing pigeon. They sometimes get lost!

  3. I am pleased that you gained much from this visitation

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