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dog wisdom

The Universe is always looking out for you.. It may not be what you expect or want, but in the long and the short of it, eventually, you will recognize, or see that what IS, is meant to BE.

I received an e-mail earlier today with a lot of dog wisdom pictures/quotes. They came at a time when I needed to see and hear what was presented in the files he sent, I’m sharing a few with you now.

Till soon

Comments on: "dog wisdom" (4)

  1. After my wife’s passing a little over a year ago, our dog Lola has been especially beneficial for me. Thank you for this wonderful posting! 😊🐶

    • I understand totally, my husband passed almost 3 years now.. and the dogs.. they are a constant source of calm and companionship. Have a great week!

  2. Yay dogs! It’s all true.

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