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Feeder needs food

Hello out there, I have a feeder at P23 (Dewberry) that needs food, this is the big feeder usually supplied by Ottawa Field Naturalist Club/Club des naturalistes d’Ottawa. They are experiencing supply shortages and a few of their feeders are therefore without feed.

I know from personal experience that there are a lot of photographers out there and nature lovers who come to P23 often .. to take pictures and enjoy the wildlife that habits in the forest there. I have been feeding there every day (except spring/summer and early fall).. I know that many people bring a small stash of seeds to lure the birds. Now IF we can, is the time to pool our resources.

The OFNC needs help in getting food to the feeders that are not being serviced. I’ve made arrangements for another feeding.. The feeder takes a huge amount, and needs refilling about once a month. Are there volunteers out there.. to help us get this feeder supplied with food for the next 3 months.

The mailing address for OFNC is ofnc@ofnc.ca in subject line please put P23 feeder. If you would rather connect with me.. you have my co-ordinates, contact me thru the blog I will be happy to forward your info.

Ottawa Field Naturalists Club

Box 35069 Westgate PO

Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 1Z2

We got an amazing number of birds last year, P23 was the hub for a lot of the Evening Grosbeak activity, let’s continue to be “the” place for visiting birds.

Thank you… Till soon…


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  1. I hope you get help soon! I wonder why they are having such problems getting feed. More indications of the supply chain troubles?

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