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March 2

Photo Daniel Cadieux https://www.instagram.com/dancadphotography/ – Northern Shrike

When you look at this adorable young bird, it is hard to remember it is a bird of prey. Looks can be deceiving.

People who don’t reflect]
People who don’t reflect on themselves always believe that what they do is right. Even if you fail, you blame others. It’s an inevitable ending after repeated failures. A man who always prays to God and never forgets to rely on God is a man who learns a lot from deep reflection and always moves forward even if he fails.

Translated in Japan 2022.03.02 to English

Yesterday after the Day of Peace service/ceremony, we talked about the word “humble” the definition, what does it mean to you? I asked myself, am I humble, do I actually know what the word means…??? Is this a quality /characteristic that is still part of my/our makeup???

We certainly need these days to do a lot of reflection on… the qualities in life that will help us to regain, less negativity and more love and understanding of all the many challenges and differences we encounter in our day to day. It is easy to speak of love, it is sometimes a challenge to “act” in a caring respectful manner..

take what you need and pass along the rest.

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  1. Yes indeed ..we need to stay positive not negative.

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