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Tuesday – 12th.

Good morning everyone, these were the colourful blooms outside the window of the social room at the church yesterday. The lovely pink flowers on the left were the subject of much conversation. No one remembers planting them, or seeing them before. In fact, everyone present remembered t hem as being an orange before? So dear readers… do these flowers have a habit of changing colours as they make their way through the growing cycle? I know that many of you are plants wonders….thoughts?

When you face difficulties, start with anything you can do. When you are able to grasp the situation, you will surely be able to notice something that you can do.

Perfect Liberty 2022.12

I am reminding everyone early, that on August 1st. we will be celebrating Founders’ Day (Kyososai), watch for announcements. Service is usually at 10 a.m. through this ceremony we rededicate ourselves to the teachings of PL (Perfect Liberty) and the realization of World Peace.

PL Precept # 1 Life is Art


Comments on: "Tuesday – 12th." (12)

  1. I had a rose bush once that produced a flower that was half pink and half red. All the other blooms were petal pink. 🤔💕🌸

  2. My goodness those pink lilies are gorgeous!!

  3. Very pretty! Two different plants: pink Asiatic lilies (‘true’ lilies) and orange-red Hemerocallis or Daylily.

  4. It’s the season for lilies. These are beautiful. Waves hello

  5. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonjours Dymoon, comment vas-tu, nous a vas bien, ce que il me fait plaisir le matin je m’assoie sur le balcon pour boire mon café et apprécie la belle vue que j’ai. Le 1 août 2022 je vais assez être là.

    Merci, Bonne journée🐕 Patricia

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