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I came home to find that Jim (Jim Robertson) had sent me a link to his web page. https://photo-stories.myportfolio.com/dewberry-trail-feeders … the video is a 3 minute video he put together from his visits to Dewberry (Nature trail- conservation area) in Ottawa, Canada.

You have all heard me go on about my morning outings. This is one of the locations I go, the other one is at Mer Bleue. Both are NCC Conservation area.

Please if you have time, visit Jim’s website, he has the most wonderful photographs that will take you on a visual journey through the many places he has visited. I delighted in his pictures of the birds that I have gotten to know “intimately”… (I see daily) and interact with. I often get asked about the feeders, with Jim’s video.. you will see where I “hang out” and spend endless hours just “BEING” in nature and with the birds and assorted wildlife that come to visit.

It’s easier to adapt to something when we find it interesting. No matter how enjoyable a situation is, a slight change in our attitude can make it boring. Let’s face any situation with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2022.10

My heartfelt thanks to Jim for doing this video … showing you “my” little family. I have no idea what possessed him to feature the Dewberry birds.. but I am thrilled and filled with gratitude at his thoughtfulness. Thank you Jim.

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  1. Reblogged this on Q's Story Telling and commented:

    this is a beautiful video of the birds I spend time with everyday…

  2. That’s the best bird feeder I have seen! Thank you!

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