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Monday, Monday

Having the whole area to myself, meant I could be a little silly. OK, well maybe a bit more than a little… I had a great time, I could run, jump, spin,turn and do a stretch and bend, I tried a few high kicks.. and discovered that I no longer have that can can kick I used to be able to do. hmmm. was it because of my big winter boots*, my 2 winter weight vests, my big winter quilted coat.. or… was it plain and simple I’m not in the same condition I was 10 years ago. (* I blamed my cleats that I have put on my winter boots for stopping my ability to glide and spin properly..)

I made the time to walk the whole area, making sure I put makoto (sincerity) into every step. I had no excuse, no diversions.. I was alone… even the birds had other things to interest them.. they were not following me or wondering what I was doing.. I got about 20 minutes of walking, skipping, etc. before another car came crawling along the road and into the parking area.

Today’s little “time to myself” moments were needed. Why I think I have to be out and at the feeders at a given time is beyond me.. I need to work on my “I’m retired” skills. Yesterday I did the walk (the trail that winds its way through the evergreens at P23) and today I “played” in the parking lot. I’d say it is a good start to the new year. Keeping active will ensure that my “body/mind” will not get lazy.

Don’t rush or allow yourself to get flustered. When you rush, it limits your ability to pay attention to detail, and often leads to careless mistakes. With a prayerful mind, take a deep breath and act calmly.

Perfect Liberty 2016.22
See the dragon looking up, waiting to be fed?

Playmates are everywhere… one just has to be watchful, and aware … they are lurking waiting to be seen/found.

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  1. Wise words indeed. Even when we have plenty of ‘free’ time (eg when retired) it’s so easy to create pressures that don’t really exist. I’m very guilty of this. Time to unwind and enjoy the space (physical and psychological) around us.
    Thank you for reminding me of this.

  2. I’m glad you got a chance to play. 🙂 I see the dragon!

  3. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, oui c’est dû être retraité moi faut que je trouve quelque chose à faire toute les jours ou je regarde la télé ouf je dors sur mon sofa, mais j’ai des activité le lundi je joue a la pentangle, et le mercredi je joue aux poches il faut que je mettre makoto dans mes journées pour pas que je m’ennuie Je manque de parler aux gens socialisés mais j’apprécie aller aux Patro j’ai beaucoup de plaisir sa complète mes journées.

    a plus tard,😘 Patricia Lebrun

    • Hello ma belle… take each day .. one moment at a time, it isn’t always easy to always “be happy” … takes work… but we can do it.. YOU have what it takes to make it happen. Believe in yourself.
      Ask your doctor about Ozempic… it might help you with your blood sugars and help you feel better physically once your body begins to level /balance. out.
      Big HUGS

  4. This is beautiful and it creates such a sense of calm in me. I also like being reminded to take things a bit more slowly.

  5. Light snow on pines is irresistible.

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