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Sometimes I need to let the world drift by – at one time I felt my participation and involvement was not something one could simply ignore. – I’ve grown up now…. I recognize that time to rejuvenate, time to simply let the body and mind rest is important to a sound, healthy, balanced life.

The simple task of walking to the front of the house to collect the recycle container, the two dogs bouncing and jumping happily beside me was pleasant. The neighbour walking her dog, stopped two houses away so that the dogs would not have to interact. I waved.. she nodded.. then the dogs and I made our way back to the backyard. A moment in time.

Simplicity. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. It is the human mind that insists on complicating the moment, with what if, maybe, perhaps if… NOOOO…. sit .. close your eyes.. open a door or window.. let the air move freely around, pushing out the stale winter air. it is a new season.

Develop new ideas through your imagination – softly and flexibly. If you could find a way to add a twist, you will have more joy.

Perfect Liberty 2023.28

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  1. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonsoir Dymoon, c’est le fun la neige fond j’ai hâte qu’il y a plus de neige que j’arrange ma cour que ce soit cute relaxant.

    Bonne nuit😘 Patricia

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