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Good morning smile, happy day!

bird, Shoebill, aka Whalehead or shoe billed stork from Africa, livdes in swamps from Sudan to Zalmbia

Isn’t this just the cutest most adorable face.. looks like a big smile plastered on his/her face.  Its real, it’s called a Whale-head or Shoe-billed stork an dis found in tropical east Africa.  It can be found in large swamps from Sudan to Zambia.  It is interesting what can compel a person to want to go somewhere, this bird I’d really love to experience.  See it walk, hear how it communicates, what a wonderful morning discovery.

Swamp Art - The Ferryman's End in Eastern Ireland.  Victoruia's Way, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


This Swamp Sculpture can be found in Eastern Ireland.  It is called the Ferryman’s End. (Victoria’s WayRoundwood.co. Wicklow, Ireland)   I’ve been to swampy areas in my travels, but I have never experienced for myself some of the world known swamp lands,   I was most intrigued by this sculpture, the artist had to conceive the idea, build it, and then place it. Amazing workmanship.   Since swamps to me are just boggy areas found in low lying land and usually freeze over come the cold weather. Swamps that house alligators, crocks and life forms all year round due to the totally different climate and geography hold a fascination for me.

swamp forest, Haida Gwaii BC,Canada

This is Swamp Forest in Naikoon Provincial Park, Haiida Gwaii, BC. Canada, I found this picture while looking for inspiration to  make a one of a kind doll that was going to be a swamp fairy.

Swamp -Ssouth Carolina

Photo by John Hunter, 9/2005 – he canoed through the swamp in South Carolina, I’m afraid that this morning I have lost myself in the swamps.   This can happen, I was going to talk on a very different subject, blame it on the Shoe-billed stork, his smile just captured my imagination and off I went further into the swamps. =^_^= I make no apologies, the artists/photographers of these pictures did such a good job of catching the moment, preserving them for us to enjoy, that I willingly wandered from point X to point B.  My choice. … now what do you think, I found this  house, wonder if it is for rent.  I might sit a spell and delight in the moment.  Care to join me?

wee home

Life is what we make it… thanks for travelling with me this morning.. on our mini journey. Happy Saturday!  Oyashikiri


Good Morning Everyone!


In my meditations this morning, I came across a Blessing Chant, I’d kike to share it with you. It is a chant adapted from the Pattanumodana  (Teachings of Buddha >edited by Jack Kornnfield)

Just as water flowing in the streams and rivers fills the ocean, thus may all your moments of goodness touch and benefit all beings, those here now and those gone before.

May all your wishes be soon fulfilled as completely  as the moon on a full moon night, as successfully as from the Wish-Fulfilling Gem.  May all dangers be averted; may all disease leave you.

May no obstacles come across your way and may you enjoy happiness and long life.

May those who are always respectful,honoring the way of the elders, prosper in the four blessings of old age, beauty, happiness, and strength.

nederlands,amsterdamPL’s lesson of the day is about being pro-active, in an ever changing society.  a reminder to keep  our minds and eyes in tune with the changes and to learn to deal with them in a proactive manner.  This busy picture taken in Amsterdam, Nederlands (found on Pinterest) while peaceful in it’s own way, is not the tranquility captured by the photographer of the top picture.

Where would you like to be today?  Which destination captures your imagination, if you could close your eyes and with a snap of the fingers be right there, in what direction would you go?  Choices, ahhhh isn’t life grand!  Have a blissful day everyone!

Live in Joy > Live in Peace             Oyashikiri

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