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Meet Sailer-Moon

SailerMoon March 11.18

To find out more about Sai, please visit Dymoon’s story telling blog

I still have to figure out how to set up the story telling blog so that it attaches to the various sites, this one does.  Thank you for your patience.

being thankful

easter IslandI remember being totally fascinated and captivated by the story of Easter Island.  I was lost in the mystery of it all.  I dreamed of travelling there to see the giants for myself.  I never did, instead as i made my way in life, I found that my life itself was full of mysteries , my own wonders at the complexities in life, How I could love so much and enjoy so much yet seem to always be “odd person out”

Even when I hurt, or feeling sad and down, they were feelings that I seemed to revel in, I basked in the emotions that engulfed me and  examined how they made me feel and  how I got there. They were lessons,  I went through the heartbreak of wanting so much for someone to care, and not recognizing that a relationship is based on BOTH parties being of the same mind.

It takes living the experience to learn the value of the lesson taught.  I have been blessed with many lessons in life. Each lesson has made me a much stronger and independent woman.  It is in paying attention to each and every moment of our lives that we grow, that we blossom, unfold and mature into the person we become.  In a lifetime, we continue to experience the many changes and lessons until it is time for us to quietly transition to another state of BEING.

Great pyramid of Giza, Egypt

When we truly appreciate all that we have lived, and what IS, Then and only then will we find true happiness.  Give thanks every day for the wonders in life that have blessed you during your lifetime.  To every negative there is a positive. Kindness and love for another are gifts to be treasured.  I give thanks for each and everyone of you, you are so very appreciated.

Namaste     –       Oyashikiri


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