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Carrot meat loaf

Carrot meat loaf

Thanks to a goof on my part, tonight we got to enjoy a yummy carrot meat loaf.  It looked so good in the roasting pan, I didn’t want to cut into it till I took a photo. =^_^=

photo (14)Yes it was good, it was delicious.  I didn’t set out to make a carrot meat loaf, my intent when I started in the kitchen was to make carrot juice. Yup I bunged up the carrot juice.. I used a blender, duh, so of course, I ended up with a lot of carrot fiber, and water that had a carrot taste.  I’d added a good dose of shredded ginger to the concoction   What to do.  I grew up hearing “waste not, want not”  I decided to use the 3/4 pound of lean ground beef we had and fresh veggies and roast the lot.  Creative thinking is my specialty =^_^=

Drained the “carrot juice” put the liquid aside and the fiber in a second bowl. (drank the liquid on its own, and used some in the loaf for added moisture.

In a big mixing bowl, I cut and sliced, 3 zucchini, more carrot, 1 good size stalk of  leek, finely sliced… & 1 medium potato….smashed up 4 good buds of garlic and tossed everything together. I found left over rice in the fridge, tossed that in too.  Soy (low sodium) and a dash of fish sauce (anchovies)

Added 1 cup of Panko bread crumbs and 1 egg, kneaded the mix till it was light and fluffy then poured it into a big roasting pan.  Patted it down nice and firm, the added slices of another zucchini arranged across the mixture. cubed and diced a large tomato and tossed it over the zucchini. Then to sweeten the taste I added handfuls of  3 types of cheese that were already shredded to form a light layer over the veggies.  I noticed I had a handful of sliced celery in the fridge so I sprinkled that on too. I like food to be visually appealing too.

Into the oven it went for an hour at 325- 350 degrees F.    WE had some very cold weather last night, so when it was done, I simply turned off the little oven and left the loaf there to cool and refrigerate till we were ready to eat today..   Supper time  I brought the pan in, sliced a piece of loaf and served it with  mixed green veggies, a red baked potato, and some Farm Boy slaw. (Farm Boy is a specialty fresh vegetable, meat and fruit shop we have here in Ottawa)  mixture of fresh greens were steamed, no salt, condiments or butter. The potato did get a dollop of butter.

This was a very high fiber rich meal. =^_^=,  we have enough left over (freezer) for a couple of meals.

Bon appetit!         nb* the spices you want to use are up to you, these ingredients will harmonize with practically anything.  Had I had mushrooms                                                       on hand, you can be assured I’d have used them.


Vegetarian Chick Pea Balls

Vegetarian Chick Pea Balls

mea culpa – I should have given you all the ingredients for this delicious, satisfying dish.

ingredients – mashed potatoes and 1 can chick peas (drained)
1 medium size onion finely diced
2 cloves of fresh garlic minced (to taste)
salt, pepper,chilies, tumeric (also to taste)
cubed or grated cheese of your choice
Japanese style Panko (1 cup)
2 eggs well beaten prior to adding to the mix
thinly sliced celery and green or red pepper
Mushrooms – optional
optional is one can of drained corn or 1 cup frozen corn
MIX well, then use an ice cream scoop to form the balls

Put on a greased pan, and BAKE for about 45 min.375 degrees

Serve up with your favourite veggies. On this plate, I have a sweet red pepper – raw and a steamed veggie.

These Chick Pea balls can be eaten cold, but I prefer then heated, A favourite dip is the hot Spriracha Chili sauce

Fresh from the farm

We are lucky where we live, during the summer, there are always fresh produce stalls in the outdoor markets.  However, even better is when we drive a little out of the city and get the produce directly from the farmer.  That is what we did yesterday.  I was a tad restless, my son’s heart surgery was  postponed till today.  I wanted a distraction and it was a lovely day for a drive to the St Lawrence. (a  major waterway that borders Canada and the United States)  We packed the two dogs into the car and off we went, the best part of the drive for the dogs is that there is a wonderful dog park in Morrisburg, well maintained and gated.  On our way back we stopped at one of my favourite farms for fresh corn, this farm always has the sweet golden nuggets, they do have the peaches and cream too, but I like the succulent gold.  The plums called out to me and of course I munched on fresh plums on the way home.  At just the right time of the year, the flesh of the plum is delicate and sweet, even the skin is nice.

Diet is such an important factor in our well being, yet we forget at times that there is a difference between fresh from the farm, and store bought.  I confess that even for me, it is hard to always get fresh and consume it while it is still in that  very fresh stage.  I bought yellow wax beans and green beans, when I prepared them for supper, they were so fresh, they snapped clean when being prepared.  The smell or fragrance if you will of the vegetables was alive ..unlike a packaged vegetable that lacks any smell when you take it from the sanitized packaging.  The corn was “out of this world”  I do mine in the microwave, it is steamed in its own sleeves. this way, when it is peeled, it is ready to eat, no salt, no butter, just the yellow meat of the kernel.  Delicious.

Having tasted one of the best veggie dinners I’ve had in a long time, I then found myself thinking of preparing a stew for my meat and potatoes hubby.  Using the fresh ingredients, I would start  from scratch.  So today I went to the butchers to find stewing beef.  There was none on hand, so had to settle for a piece of steak that needed to be tenderized.  The anticipation of cutting up the meat, and preparing the vegetables was wonderful.  I bought turnip, parsnip, yellow flesh potatoes, and I knew I had red onion, and fresh garlic at home.  Usually we are so busy, that dinners can be something quick and easy.  It was nice to chop and prepare, then get things going on the stove.  The aroma that filled the kitchen was familiar and relaxing.  Since I was in a cooking mood, I put a pot of water on and started a pork stock with garlic and ginger (used for making different Chinese soups).. yes I had purchased pork bones to do this while I was out.  It is like a ripple in the water, the fresh produce from the farm started a need for my creativity to explore and satisfy my taste buds.  My son loves to cook and has done several cooking videos on a number of dishes he likes.

I want to thank the many of you who are praying for him today, it means a lot to us.  A love for cooking and good food is something that we share.  Brigitte his wonderful partner in life told me he went into surgery at 7:30 this morning feeling and looking very relaxed.  Food nourishes the body, love and prayer nourish the soul. My son and I are marinating right now in God’s embrace.

Blessings everyone.

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