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snowflakes fall


look up at the silent moon, nowhere does it shine with more light

then when it is shining down on you

the crystal clear water runs merrily along, unaware of your plight

cool liquid ripples, swirl and babble totally caught up in their journey

while you play and sing the  heart broken blues

the bass guitar keeps time while the saxophone plays a mournful sound

and all you know is that your heart is broken in two


don’t despair, let the moonlight bathe you in its soothing light

stop, listen to the natural melodies of the creek as it makes its way

to its destination around and down the bend

let your emotions be drawn to the falling snowflakes as they spirit them away

soon you will know only the night

and the joy of anticipation for the delights

waiting just around the corner,


snowflakes are little gems from heaven,  they are gentle reminders of the wonders and  many expressions of God.

snowflakes fall so we can actually see and enjoy, the purity of change

even if it is just for a moment, they will gather and present you with a brand new world.

you, me, and the world we are in, are ONE…..

enjoy the snowflakes when they fall……

Love is another word for God,  snowflakes with their unique designs

show us once and for all that we will all appear and then disappear

it is just a matter of time…


Snow is fun

especially when snowflakes fall…..   xxxxooo





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