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Buen dia, Good day everyone!

My inspiration today was this wonderful door handle I found. It is the picture, the door, the whole enchilada! This capture has personality plus.  Door knobs, handles are fascinating, the vast variety seen when one searches them out is mind-blowing. Artistic statements .. not necessarily on their own, they are, but somehow the charm, the “statement” is in the marriage of the hardware to the door itself.  When this was new, I doubt it would have had the same fascination for me, but it has aged, and its appearances has been enhanced with age.

door handle

I looked at a lot of pictures of door knobs and handles, I have a Pinterest board of Doors, there are many beautiful pieces in all shapes and sizes.  Some wonderfully preserved.  But this is the one I wanted, this is the one that spoke to me.  It sent my mind off into story land, I imaged it talking to me, wishing me welcome. Smiles, the door handle is a wizard in disguise. Lean closer, hear the tale he spins to beckon you in, behind his sturdy ancient weather worn door.

Enter through this door

watch your step there is no floor

inside you’ll find the years of wear

you’ve allowed to gather on your earthly form

do you dare face the dust and debris

on the pages of your life, worn and torn

from constant use and abuse.

door knocker

oh, will the door not open

please, use the knocker

the sound will be heard within

you need only want the door to open

and it will

if there is a lock, it is because we put it there

key, antique

We loved with all our heart,

we were blessed with happiness and bliss

and for whatever reason, it was lost

so to  protect our fragile heart

we put it under lock and key


time passes, life around us changes, and so do we

but somehow, we don’t want to use the key

our heart still beats and longs to be free

what was…. was… we now know we can never go back

we simply are not the same person we were back then

trust the desires and longing of your heart

trust the person you have  become

door to the sea

Love is beautiful

Love is being alive

Love is the freedom to be

Love is living a life in Perfect Liberty

Love is us

Love is you, me

we are ONE

God is Love.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 2  To live is to express One’s Self

PL Precept #11  Always be with God

pictures -tumblr and Pinterest

text – Q

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