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witching hour

When the midnight hour strikes, the ghosts and goblins come out to play. There are always those who just don’t fit in, the ghouls and their pranks, the vampires and their weird sense of humour. Like, being bitten is fun!.

Some players just don’t get that its not nice to play with pointed objects that could hurt someone

I did meet a dog who seemed friendly at first, but when I drew closer, he bared his teeth and snapped… I got the message and moved on.

I thought to have more luck with this fellow, but he just wasn’t interested in anything but his bottle. We do our best, it is really all we can do.

Be careful about saying “its probably good enough”” Wholeheartedly do what you notice, when and how you notice it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.29

When I think on it, he may not have been happy that I had one of his possible friends on my witching rod. This is the season of the witch, your broom dusted and ready to fly?

Till soon

You wanted to enjoy the scare.. here is your taxi.. A very Viper Hell o-ween on Viper Isles http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Viper%20Isles%202/135/34/2003

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