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Standing Still

928598_791261424274115_1067232012_nWhen in our lives do we actually – stand still –  is there such a thing?  As one second flows into the other…moments pass.. so does time… think about it.. do you stand still…………..


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  1. Moz Loordes said:

    In deep meditation you can make your concept of time either slow down, stop or speed up, if completely in the eternal now which has no passage of time, it just IS. It seems that when you make a movement, either physically or by engaging in the thought process, you also engage space time and fall back into the currently running world. Thus it does seem that time runs in that it has a past and a future but the running of it is different depending on dimensional space, i.e. what area of it you occupy. The present or current time can be experienced in various ways depending on your activities. There is some work being done on this currently in the scientific realm, it’s fascinating.

    • there has been work done on this since way back, do you know of TM ? you brought a big smile… thank you.. =^_^=

      • Moz Loordes said:

        *grins* I’ve tried a lot of them over my lifetime but the one I stick to nowadays which I’ve found really, really helpful in a lot of ways is Sahaja Yoga Meditation 🙂

  2. when you are Taoist, you learn life IS the meditatiaon

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