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birthdays =^_^=

hwy 43 9.16.17b

LOL.. no getting away from you is there. You are all so super fantastic.. No way you gonna let me forget it is my birthday. I wasn’t running away from it, really I wasn’t. I woke up and found that I’d lots of visits overnight. It was actually really pleasant to wake up and see that so many of you had dropped in.

hwy 43 9.16.17e

So many of you have traveled through the years with me, always there with your smiles and friendships.  How many times have I hollered out.. HELP  I’m stuck… it could be late in the night for you, and mid afternoon for me.. Always, if you are around, help is to be had.   I am so truly blessed.

hwy 43 Alexandria 9.16.17b

The colours of fall have started to appear as you see in one of the pictures.  Friends, are blessings I believe that. Even tho’ with the technology today (internet) we are able to reach out almost anytime… We don’t always get the chance, or think to do it, our day to day passes by on us too quickly.

Like the seasons, I am changing, my life takes new directions, doors open that I wasn’t expecting, opportunities that I hadn’t expected, drop in, and like nature, I accept and find creative ways to deal with the landscapes before me.

Hwy 43 Alexandria 9.16.17d

Always precious friends, I know that along the shorelines of my life, a friend is there.  Thank you .. thank you, thank you…. each one of you helps me, live a life that is more complete, because you share this world with me.

Another year to mark off on the calendar…  sigh… means I’m wiser, yes!


Come on…. this little gal is a cutie too…  Thanks again everyone.. I love and appreciate you!!! I truly do…..


Comments on: "birthdays =^_^=" (25)

  1. I hope it was a good birthday

  2. Oh that’s so cute ! Happy birthday to you. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday and we wish you a funtastic day! ☺💜💃🎶

  4. Let others learn their baby steps as you have progressed to giant strides.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. What a welcomed post and to find out it’s your birthday too! Happy, Happy birthday! You are a blessing and I’m so glad our paths have crossed this way! Love and Hugs!

    • sends hugs… almost got chalk today.. lol… I didn’t tho’ I would never have used them.. altho’ you make it look easy

      • You would use them if you and I were neighbors. We could sit out on my back porch and draw together 🙂 I wanted to go out today but it’s so hot and the mosquitos hunt me in packs LOL! I have so many bites on me as I write to you. Much love and hugs across the winds to you my friend.

  6. Happy happy happy birthday to you!

  7. Very nice article, I am going to reblog it for you.

  8. Happy belated Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday and an excellent time ahead in all senses!

  10. Marie-Claude Rouleau Ono said:

    Hello Dymoon,

    Happy Belated Birthday! Lots of love, Marie-Claude

  11. happy belated b-day, my friend, I hope the both hubby and yourself are having great travels!! I hope that birthday wish comes true….grins…

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