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Tuscany Italy

Steps leading to La Verna Franciscan sanctuary

Franciscan sanctury, Tuscany,Italy


Happy Saturday everyone! – enjoy some armchair traveling.

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  1. A photo montage, no doubt : The two persons are small compared to the height of the steps. The actual flight of steps is shorter than shown. What is above the people was added … probably to make it more dramatic.

    • oh Gilles, have you been there, what I was it like in person. It looks so peaceful?

      • I have not been there, Dymoon. I found the picture absolutely gorgeous, actually too gorgeous to be real. I searched internet and connected to the website of the sanctuary which I found very attractive ! I also found that the stairs (to heaven) are smaller than depicted. Still, many thanks for the picture and have a great day, Dymoon.

    • I really appreciate your doing that and letting me know.. when I clicked on the picture it took me to the website I linked. I love the way you think.. good on you. thanks .. waves good morning.. as I get started on another day =^_^=

  2. Wow, that’s quite a photo! It looks like an Indiana Jones movie kind of place.

    • I was really taken with it, did you read Gilles comments, he is good .. have a great day.. I’m off to church.. morning here for me. Waves….

  3. It looks magical. I want to see where the stairs take me.

  4. When I first saw this picture my first thought was ‘how pretty’. I am going to reblog this one for you.

  5. lifeinkarolingston said:

    Brilliant photo!

  6. Wow those steps are absolutely gorgeous. I hope to be able to travel to Tuscany-that is one place my husband and I have never traveled!

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