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Thursday doors 2.1.18

When you see a building off in the distance, you know you are going to get closer.  No matter the weather or the road conditions on that day,

A simple structure, not sure what it is for, I wondered if it is decoration or for children to play in while the parents enjoy a coffee break.


When I found the door I was excited.  Wow… it is all in the details.. rustic, charming, certainly a cheerful moment in an otherwise ho hum day .. (weather wise)  My husband and I enjoy this park, in the summer, it is not over crowded, and the breeze from the water is always refreshing.

We didn’t get there last fall, due to circumstances beyond our control, so this was a very pleasant surprise.  Put a door on something and all of a sudden, it becomes a much more interesting place.

PL calendar 1 – It is important to live in harmony with our surroundings.

This little house and door,  fit into the landscape just beautifully. =^_^=

Maintain harmony in your lives, daily, harmony is the basis of a peaceful society.



Comments on: "Thursday doors 2.1.18" (15)

  1. A serene find in a winter setting calling my name! Love your photos.

  2. Food for much speculation, that’s for sure. Its weathered look is very attractive, but the scale is interesting. If you didn’t have the picnic table next to it, I would have thought it was a small, but full-sized house.


  3. I love this little building, it’s especially pretty with the snow.

  4. Invent a door where there is just a wall. The space behind will suddenly be. Many thanks for these pictures, Dymoon.

  5. Cute building and thoughtful if it is for children to play when it rains:) Oh, it looks 2-story – maybe a tiny guest house?

    • it would be too short for an adult.. there are spaces between the wood too… interested in how it will look in the summer.

  6. Such a sweet little place. I love imagining what it might be used for. Wonderful to get out and explore.

  7. Did you find the answer what is that for exactly?

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