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PL calendar day 13

There will always be a way

As long as you re serious, there is no reason for you to give up.  Move forward one step at a time and things will always turn out for the best.


This sculpture gave me such a sense of “fun and freedom” when I saw it.  I have had it in my picture library for some time, and do not recall where I got it. If anyone is aware of the artist, please let me know.

Comments on: "There will always be a way" (8)

  1. Valerie Mersh said:

    oh oh


  2. A perfect sculpture with perfect words.

    • thanks Peggy, wish I could remember where I found herm I would go searching for more info, woke up to a world blanketed with more snow.. sigh… pulling on my appreciation hat =^_^= waves hello

  3. Moz Loordes said:

    A very good quote for me today! *hhuuggsss*

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