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Andre 12.25aLife is lived in segments.  Remember when the phone was thought to be the greatest of inventions.  A voice from across the miles, would bring cheer, maybe only once a year. At Xmas, everyone would gather around the phone, and wait eagerly to speak to the relative, or friend who lived far away.  It brought everyone close.

What time was spent with someone else was precious, not taken for granted, it was appreciated and remembered well into the years to come.


dec 25.18b

Spend today enjoying the sunshine, create your own.  If you skimp on a painting, then your painting will not turn out well.

PL calendar day 25, There is no reason to hold back

If you skimp on the paint, then your painting will not turn out well.  Live a fulfilled life every day by utilizing things, money, your knowledge or energy to their fullest


mixed media art  Q

Comments on: "Happy 25th (terca-feira)to all" (4)

  1. … or let it come and go. You are totally free !
    Many thanks, Dymoon, and a very serene and smiling December 25th !

  2. Now it’s an hours long video conference with those that couldn’t be here physically. Getting to watch and hear and see presents being opened.

    Sometimes it is a text that somebody far away took the time to compose and send and let us know they are thinking of us individually.

    Technology has the unfortunate ability to distance us from those sitting in the same room, but it has the happy ability to bring us closer to those far away.

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