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Chop Suey Thursday

with Bonnie 11.23

Why not.  I am on a bit of a rant today.  Where are all the farm toys.  Where does one find a small John Deere tractor, OK it doesn’t have to be John Deere, any old tractor will do. How about an old truck, a hay baler, one of those thing a-ma-bobs that make rows in the earth …little chicken coops, barn, toys that help depict farm life, or life on a farm.

Is that passé .. I guess I have not looked at children’s toys lately.  I found construction, firemen, police, lots of race cars, and space stuff, no farm equpment, or buildings. (second hand, and thrift shops)

Busy trying to locate items for a friend who is doing a diorama of life on a farm, I didn’t get to my doors.  Sorry.  Wait… maybe I have a barn.


After traipsing around town the last few days.. I feel like the door on the right.  Oh dear, I just flipped open an old PL calendar, it reads.. Your surroundings reflect your state of mind.    Think it is time for a nap.

Happy Thursday everyone.  Tomorrow is another day.




Comments on: "Chop Suey Thursday" (13)

  1. I haven’t looked either but it seems sad that farm toys are passe. I guess it reflects the loss of family farms. It’s rather sad. I’m glad I live in a place with farms.

  2. I like your barn door. We had toy farms and accoutrements when we were little. I imagine they’re available somewhere, but so much these days seems to be superhero stuff.


  3. Try Salvation Army store, if you have one. Agway, or similar farm supply, has stuff like that. If all else fails, Amazon.

  4. I wonder what happened to mine

  5. You might try Tractor Supply if you are in the states! They sell toy tractors.

  6. I love the old barn!

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