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Thursday door

black barn board

It is important to say “Thank you” Everything that appears in front of you is all material for you to improve yourself whether it’s food, people or things. Learn to accept everything whether it is something you like or not.

Perfect Liberty 2020.1.9.
a day of discovery

Another day of sunshine, mild temperatures, and welcoming countryside. Savor each moment of the day. It is a gift. I searched the branches for birds, the ground for little paw prints. The day was still young. I stood and took it all in. How grateful I am that I am able to adventure the back roads and really see the beauty that can so easily go unnoticed.

I thank the UNIVERSE that I still have my sight and sense of smell. That I am strong and able to still explore the land as it is meant to be seen. I am grateful that I have a home, and a place to call my own. I will not forget to say thank you at the end of the day…. I pray for peace .. each and every day. Be kind to your fellow man… a smile goes a long way.


Comments on: "Thursday door" (8)

  1. I cannot agree more with these sentiments.

  2. What a great post to start the New Year! Thank you!

  3. When I see a barn in this sort of weather, I think of how hard my grandfather worked on the farm. Cold weather is inconvenient for those who live in the city, but on the farm, you have to go out and work no matter the weather.

    Happy 2020!


    • that is so true Janet, living in the city, we don’t realize or remember just what it is like for people who have to live each and every day, being in the outdoors. Having said that..I remember when farm equipment wasn’t and very primitive to what I see on some farms.When you live on the land though, you have a healthy respect for “nature” Good morning lovely friend. Have a good day.

      • My grandfather’s tractor didn’t have GPS, radio, or even a cab. He just sat out in the elements. Of course equipment didn’t cost as much as a house then, either. 🙂 Even now, much of farming is outdoors and is, as always, weather-dependent, something city dwellers don’t often think of either.

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