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Stoic faces, each face different,

each set of eyes

telling a different story

caught between two energies

each side tells a different story

where they meet, a lot is gathered

the degree of togetherness is

different every inch of the way

remnants of the past, etch deep scars

some smooth, others are jagged from

constant ups and downs. ragged,

chipped. and. splintered.

I like it.

someone wrote me a poem once

said I was a poem..

this might be me

if I was a poem

Not meant to make sense

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28.


Comments on: "faces" (7)

  1. There is always a way. We cannot give up. Have a great day. Stay safe.

    • that is so true. did you ever get my request from the other day… looks like another quiet day ahead.. time to catch up on whatever comes to mind. =^_^= Waves across the miles..

      • I received it and replied. I’m sorry if it didn’t go through. Yes, please use the image with my blessings. I’m thrilled when people can use images I make.

  2. So very well seen – and excellent poem

    • Thank you Derrick.. yes when my friend posted the picture, the words popped up.. he gave permission for me to use the photo.. and it was away to the races for me.. How are you all doing over across the pond. Nice spring weather for you to enjoy. You have such lovely gardens…Waves to you both… sends happiness., stay well.

  3. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Funny. you are fascinated by doors. I am fascinated by trees. The lights and shadows of the branches, the idea that a tree may be over 100 years old, what has it seen? what were things like back then? Why did that one fall, and not it’s neighbor?

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