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changing season

When the ebb and flow of life, flows easily from one season to another. On the surface, all is calm, while internally each and every molecule of life, is stirring with renewed energy.

a love affair comes full circle – yesterday life was.
Today is a new canvas, a new beginning, the tears of sorrow, slip silently away
as we herald a new day.
A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule – Michael Pollan

We live to die. That is the cold hard fact.

How we live, is our choice.

Maintaining harmony is just as important.


Comments on: "changing season" (2)

  1. naomi zowader said:

    wanted to take a moment and thank you for your continuing posts they speak to me and help me to choose mindfulness there is so much communicated, thank you for opening up yourself and sharing it it is greatly appreciated and provides me with support moving forward even in these uncharted times

    and i send back to you much love, respect, appreciation and light

    naomi z


    • HI Naomi, thank you so much how are you love.. I still remember you.. I really appreciate your’ support and staying in touch. much love..

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