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I needle felted this piece for a challenge some years back, remember that beautiful face of the sheep the other day. Seeing it reminded me of the sculptures I used to do with fleece.
this reminded me of how often I feel I am left to work out my “thoughts” with the forces that surround me, Who really listens ? and who really cares?
a canvas is blank till we put paint to it.

If today, I am a canvas…… then I wonder how my day will proceed…. at the end of the day, it will no longer be blank, but will I like what I see.

Yesterday I felt unsettled and knew that I was not blending my thoughts into what I felt was a harmonious “vision”

I was falling into a familiar trap.. the actions of others was causing me hurt and negative thoughts.

My father always told me that no one else could hurt or harm me with their words or actions, it was how I was receiving and internalizing the incoming energy. It is easy to put the blame on others.. but.. the reality is, if I am disappointed, or let down, it is because I had to have had an expectation.

Homework was/is required.

I’ll start a new canvas.. the one that is incompatible with my current
“need” I will set aside and revisit later if it can’t be fixed, it will have to be moved along…

I asked a friend for some information, startled he asked me why I needed it, I replied, so when I die my son will have the information he will need. His reply was “don’t die”…

If life were that simple.


reminder… Thanksgiving service is at 7 pm ..

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  1. It is so easy to fall into the old traps. But we can usually find our way out. Love the Yoda, I do.

  2. “at the end of the day, it will no longer be blank, but will I like what I see.”

    Very good question to ask ourselves throughout the day. I feel like Jack many times at the end. I trip over my old bad habits, mostly. Trying to make good new ones.

  3. I so enjoy hearing from you =^_^= I turned the little painting over, then turned her to have another look, in doing so, I turned her upside down.. she looked so much better that way. totally different perspective. I’m off to dreamland.. to wake to another day tomorrow!!

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