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Thursday doors

The top red brick home is a little gem I came across on one of my day trips. I was fortunate enough to meet one of the owners. She was taking a well deserved break on her wrap around.. just enjoying the cool morning breeze on what was to be a HOT day. Her home has been lovingly restored and kept pretty much as it was. the old wood floors gleamed of polish, I loved the attention that was paid to maintaining the dignity of the home.

The white empty building with the flat roof, is the structure right next to the lot with that wonderful sculpture I posted the other day.

This is the wood fence that separates the building from the stump. Interesting design.

I had not seen the tombstone with the entrance on it before. So snapped a picture for my collection of doors/portals.10

It is only natural that you are different from others. Each of us has our own way of thinking and our own individual lifestyle. That is what makes life interesting.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20
this would be a man made archway or entrance, yes? Shirley Keen took this on one of her walks, featured it before… NZ


Comments on: "Thursday doors" (7)

  1. think of all of them, the rustic archway is my favorite.

  2. Fabulous gallery of doors!

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