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happiness is

it is that time of year. =^_^=

Oh really, for real? Oh yes… this is my happy shopping time. Looking for what the suppliers have come up with this year.*

it the colour, the creativity…. oh such fun to be had.

Be creative in your efforts. If something is not going well, take a step back and look at how you are tackling the problem. There is sure to be something you can improve on.

Perfect Liberty 2014.16


*No, I do not decorate the house…but….

Comments on: "happiness is" (4)

  1. lise lawrence said:

    Yes it is time for pumpkins.have a good day.

  2. The vulture looks awesome. Just what everyone needs.

    • I know.. I took his picture.. so that I could put some distance in bringing him home.. but.. I’m thinking in the fall I might like to see him in the backyard…

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