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Thursday 17th.

Thursday doors…

So many different ways to enter another “world”… every door, window, entrance, tells a story. Which would appeal to you today?

Always live “for the sake of others and society”. Be thankful to society for all that you have and make a firm decision to be a person who can contribute to people and society. This state of mind will provide you with endless enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2016.7

I have been a door chaser now for a very long time. I first realized that I had this “attraction” when a new PR director came to a television station I worked for. The door to his office was one that had a middle panel that was “window”. Whenever you walked by, which for me was often enough, you could see a big poster he had on his wall. It was a poster of doors from the city he had come from. I had never seen the like and was enchanted, so much so, on his next trip back home, he got me a similar poster… I was thrilled. Since then, I have been “hooked” on doors.

Obviously I am not alone … since we are so many who happily post and share every Thursday (when possible) one or some of our doors from our “stash”. Happy Thursday everyone.. I look forward to touring later to see what has been posted.

Meanwhile, please, enjoy the day, stay safe, and share your SMILE…


To tour other doors visit ttps://nofacilities.com/2020/12/03/welcome-to-thursday-doorsas-always/

Comments on: "Thursday 17th." (31)

  1. Great gallery of doors

  2. These are lovely doors. I am captivated by the feature photo. The photo itself is remarkable and the building has a very special charm. I love the way the red shingles curve out over the foundation, and I really like the narrow double doors with the large glass panels. Great post, I’m glad you’re hooked on doors.

  3. Nice captures, Dymoon. I really like the top one with the porch. The architecture reminds me of something I might see in New Orleans. Those door posters are cool. I bet you could do an awesome one from all of your images.

  4. Love that log jam at the first door. Thanks

  5. A very nice collection of doors. I particularly like the feature door and the one in the wooded area. #ThursdayDoors

  6. Well done. Each of these images sets the imagination rolling. The first one is particularly evocative. Hugs on the wing.

  7. Not sure about the best door, but the red barn wins for me hands down, especially with the stone foundation. A very merry Christmas to you and yours


  8. Imagine the histories that might have taken a start at these doors, we might never know, but what if the doors could talk 🙂

    • imaginations .. are peaked with many doorways…. especially on or part of an older building. I tour back roads always on the look out for such doorways.. and buildings.. waves a good evening to you =^_^=

  9. Love your featured photo and the one with the red wall!

  10. Love these photos of the variety of doors 🚪.

  11. Great collection but I really like old rustic structures as they carry a lot of history.

    • I agree, sometimes, the buildings speak volumes, other times.. their aura is simply tired and weary. but always, there is a story waiting to be told. good morning!

  12. Beautiful selection. I really like the first photograph, it would make a good book cover. Hunting for doors can be very addictive, can’t it?. Wishing you a peaceful, happy 2021.

  13. I love that first building with the enormous logs outside it. So much character.

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