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It was a bitter cold that greeted me this morning on my rounds. I was well dressed for it too. I did see other visitors to the area bundled up for their walks, Even the birds were doing their best to conserve energy.

When something comes to mind, do it right away. The moment that you notice something is the best time to take care of it. If you react quickly, your life will be more efficient.

Perfect Liberty 2020.18

I asked myself,” how do I capture cold”. I looked around and the landscape screamed… “tell it like it is”


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  1. Leafless beauties: deciduous trees add a stark elegance to the winter landscape

  2. Cold is hard to capture on film unless you have ice or snow. I went by the local lake today and was surprised to see they still have open water. I’m sure it will be all iced over soon.

    • I know that is exactly what I thought this morning, then I looked at the blue gray sky and the rigid starkness of the deciduous trees…. at one time I just wouldn’t have been able to picture Dec. 25 without snow. Now…its a toss up.. posted something your way yesterday.

      • A white Christmas is usually a toss up here but it looks good for this year. Is there any snow in your forecast? You posted something yesterday? On my comment about the house with the porch?

  3. And no snow to make it evident! 😉
    I’m glad we received a nice blanket of snow to protect the plants before this cold snap came. Stay warm!

    • thanks. you are lucky, there is no blanket of snow around these parts, whatever did fall is long gone.. maybe a little hint here and there, but…. we’ve been told to expect milder weather for the next couple of days. Hey, smiles and waves hello..

  4. We have a little blanket of snow and getting down to single digits at night. I should take some pictures of the river. It is part ice and snow, part open water flowing with chunks of ice in it.

  5. HI Eilene, happy start to a week-end. I’m content with the weather staying where it is right now. especially since they are forecasting above freezing for the next couple of days. Japan got one huge HUGE snow storm.

  6. You have captured the cold with you pictures, and its intensity with your prose

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