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a glimpse within

a deep sadness welled up inside as I listened to the raw pain of a soul in need

how is it that we are asked to bare such pain

what is it that propels our minds into such unyielding hurt

memories that sear, that scar, memories of such overwhelming emotion

we are left in a state of utter chaos … our pain, sadness and grief

consuming us …. catching in our breath …. not allowing us one moment of peace

it takes but a second, to fall into the abyss of turmoil that threatens to take away any sense of sanity

yet… a part of me knows, there is a need to feel the pain so that it can be released

Don’t think overly about people. Instead of being excessively concerned about others, focus on what you should do.

Perfect Liberty 2021.31

Let us pray today for those who ae on a journey that is clouded with such grief,

the clouds will lift, and the sun will shine…

For today, they need our prayers to help them heal.

Join me in a silent prayer… I will ask the birds to take wing and fly the heavy burden(s) away,

in flight, the burden will lighten… the purity of the air will cleanse and bring renewal

the soft gentle rain, will cleanse and purify what pain remains.

The memory of our love will never diminish, but the wounds will heal

Love is a powerful energy, it has no bounds, and is not defined by earthly sentiments

Unconditional love is the very air we breathe – it is what binds us all together

For in this Universe, we really are all ONE… when one of us feels pain, it reverberates and permeates the air around us

Those of us who are strong today, let us pray for those who need our understanding and compassion.

God is Love, Love is God.

Comments on: "Wednesday" (5)

  1. Such a profound message

  2. Very timely, I am praying as well…

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