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Boa Semana, tudo bem?

Isn’t this just a stunning bird?

Remember as you begin another work week, or just starting a new week of ??? There is a whole wide world out there waiting to be discovered.

Sitting high above you, somewhere where you may not see

Will be a pair of eyes watching out for you. During the day you will hear the various songs of the many winged angels as they go about their business, calling out, sharing with you their joy and sense of freedom as they wing their way across the sky.

Your surroundings are a reflection of YOU.

PL Precept # 15 All is a mirror – Tudo e espelho – Todo es espejo

Comments on: "Boa Semana, tudo bem?" (8)

  1. I love birds too.

  2. HI Deborah. I’m a late bloomer, it is only since last fall that I’ve really taken to them.. before they were just birds .. no special interest.. now.. very different story. Waves and sends a happy smile your way.

  3. Have a wonderful week, too!

  4. I always love hearing the tweets from various birds. They make me smile 😃

    • I know. I sometimes just stand and listen… I especially like when there are woodpeckers hammering away in the background.. everyone goes about their business, the birds on the ground, searching out the delicacies.. the blue jays trying out all their different calls.. Very special!

  5. Tweets n’ squalls, we can learn to identify birds by their songs.

    • I just saw a video on the telly … these researchers out on the grasslands somewhere, and yes, the fellow stood there and his assistant ticked off all the different song birds they were hearing.. must take a lot of learning time with the feathered darlings. I can safely say I know the blue jay squaks, and the crows.. but… I have a loooong way to go..

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