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when the brain goes on overdrive and the body wants to rest

That happens to all of us at one time or another. I am no exception, the artist that did this installation many years ago, had me captivated with the sculptures used, I appreciated it at the time for the creativity, thought and ability to reproduce his/her vision in a virtual world for us all to enjoy. Now I have gone deep into my library files to find the pictures I took then because I can relate to them in a different way.

Always a very efficient and capable person, I prided myself on my organizational skills and my ability to carry out in an effective and efficient way, projects and tasks I’d undertaken. Now, years later, I find that I’m not so interested nor am I doing a very good job at multi tasking like I used to. In fact, (light bulb moment) I don’t want to. omg I’ve said it out loud, and I’m posting it in black and white. (goes thru papers looking for today’s calendar…)

Change your mind, thinking “it will be alright” – Do your best you can without being overly attached.

Perfect Liberty 2021.20

Ok this will be my mantra for the day. I have to work at accepting I am no longer in my 20’s/30’s and I no longer have the same drive or desires (ps. nor do I have the same stamina, but I still want to live like I do) (stamina that is)

i.e I liked doing everything myself… yesterday I had to ask my niece and nephew for help… Tide not only makes their products child proof, if you have arthritis in your hands.. forget trying to open their laundry jug. Bah humbug!

Ooops fell off the page.. sorry .. “change your mind, thinking “it will be alright“….. repeat …. LOL I’ll be fine.. will go walking in the rain.. it will wash away some of the cobwebs.. Do you know when its 9 o’clock pm on the west coast, it is midnight here where I live!!!!!! (yes someone had a late night!!)

Change your mind – this moment will pass.. “it will be alright”

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  1. It doesn’t seem fair that age comes with limitations. But it comes with gifts, too. (Like nieces and nephews.)

  2. What a vivid way to tell your story …our story of us aging bodies, agile minds. Love the art work, sinking in the muddle, our brain can decide to just step aside … change its mind … smiles. Have a good day

  3. As a gardener, I’ve had to come to similar terms– I can no longer put in the hours that I used to without paying a steep price. It is an adjustment and a letting go of how it used to be. No sense resisting the limitations, but going to acceptance, and gratitude that at least I can still put in a couple hours before I need to stop. 🙂

    • LOL I hear you. in my case, my love was landscaping,when I step out into my backyard now, I remember the hours of digging and planting of the young trees and bushes and I am filled with joy that I listened at the time to what I had in my “head”.. now I have a peaceful oasis. The mtce of it is different. its called pruning and raking…=^_^= We had a vicious rain storm yesterday, the ground got a good soaking. love your visits..xxxo

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