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day after

hello! HELLO! pinches self.. yup.. still here… Not what I expected, I got to have wonderful long uninterrupted conversation with my sister-in-law who lives away, and a friend who has been playing telephone tag with me for months. It was great!

Yesterday in my travels as you already know I ventured down an unknown path, tried some video software .. it was a day of exploring.. Today, well… being retired… guess I’ll get out to check the feeders and replace one that needs repair. Are you taking advantage of this wonderful late summer, early fall weather. The picture above is an area I will often photograph depending on the sun/shadows.. I like the possibilities, and I always wonder.. what stories this location could tell.

This location I visited yesterday is one where it is not a big area compared to others nearby, but it has a certain feel, it holds enchantment, and places that I can easily envision little wee ones “holding community”… I keep telling myself, to bring a notebook, and flesh out a storyline… but I don’t do it.. Guess the idea is still forming.. or… I want to keep it a secret. =^_^=

Do everything willingly and joyfully. Your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Perfect Liberty 2021.18

Thank you to my very talented friends who left me fun greetings on my cell. I won’t name you, but the singing was something else!!!! I loved it! we’re all nuts, but two of you are “cracked”..

Have a great day everyone!


THANK YOU flowers arrived (from down under)… beautiful!

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  1. You have feeders up. Do you have issues with bears or other animals making a meal of them?

    • Not yet. but I have mine in conservation areas, near the parking lots…. so there is human activity during the day. Talking with the gal who works for park contractors… there are more bears this year, and coyotes.. she advised me when I go walking off the main trails, to always have my walking stick with me (its aluminum and sturdy)… I don’t usually venture into the woods in late afternoon or into evening.. so far.. I’ve been “safe” or “on my own” no wildlife checking me out. I did have racoons who destroyed one of two I had put up.. so I removed them and put up a different kind of feeder. That bear still coming around to your backyard.??

  2. A fine spot on which to focus as the light changes

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