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walk with me

Today I took another path, one I had never been on before. I saw it when I got out of my car, it has been there, I guess I’ve just not been inclined to explore it. Today I did. I thought I’d try to present some of my findings today in video format.. my first attempt =^_^=

Sept.17 video from Sarsaparilla Woods

Will wonders never cease. Tried something new. Now I’ll post and see how it comes out. Thanks everyone for your patience while I learn.


Comments on: "walk with me" (10)

  1. This looks like a great area for a hike.

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Sounds like the road is very close by! Isn’t it amazing how wild land can be right next to development?

    • actually my sentiment exactly when I started to make my way along the trail.. there is a road there that leads out to the suburbs .. but it is in conservation green space.. and depending on the time of day, yes there is traffic. but it was so dense and overgrown, I soon forgot about the traffic and had to concentrate on my footing. l How you doing girl, you’ve been OK?

  3. If a tree falls in the forest, you would be there to hear…

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