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birthday blues

Good morning everyone.. I think it is safe to say that if you are reading this, you’ve had a birthday along the way. =^_^=, one or two likely stand out from other birthdays. We all have them and we all get to experience the milestones along the way.

Todays quote translated as best we could from Japanese.

Form is the basis of art – No matter how good the content is, it takes form to express it. It is impossible to say “As long a the content is good the format doesn’t matter” It is only when the content and the form are the same that things are accomplished.

PL Friday Sept. 17.2021

Make today a different day. Instead of doing the same old thing, be creative and do things to improve your day.

Perfect Liberty 2021.17

I would like to congratulate my dear friend Eisuke Inagaki who has just been licenced as an official instructor for the PGA (in Japan). He has worked hard and long at his passion… I am very happy for him. He loved golf when he was here in Ottawa, he went out to play as often as he could, nothing deterred him from his passion to play and improve.

With dedication and purpose he applied himself to what he loved best.. and now he is not just watching what is happening in the world of golf, he is part of it.

It seems like I have been celebrating my birthday all month, so far thanks to my wonderful kind and considerate friends, I have had some wonderful outings and they are not over. I head to Quebec on the week-end for a visit with family that I have not seen since what seems “forever” .. and there are other adventures on the calendar before the month comes to an end.

Birthdays are very personal, as we all know, because they are ours and ours alone. It has always been a time of reflection for me, a time where I review the events of the past year, and what is happening NOW. Am I content, is life happening for me in a manner that is comforting and meaningful. When my husband was alive, he would take me away for my birthday so that I could explore different environments, people, places and and and. That is how it came to be that friends celebrated with me on days in the month when I would be around. ( My birthday day itself was usually one when I would not be in the city, it would be only Brian and I and the dogs. )

Of course all that has changed hasn’t it. And then of course we have had the pandemic to deal with, and the changes that has brought into all our lives. I cannot as much as I want to, get back to each and everyone of you who have sent me birthday greetings, but I can assure you that I have looked at, and cherished each and every one. It means much to me and I am humbled that you remember and take the time to connect with me. Believe me when I say, there are days when I feel “down” or my mood is “below the happy line”.. then I get a text, a message, snail mail, and I am lifted and feel the joy of happiness.

I appreciate each and everyone of you.. I truly do. I am blessed with friends who shine bright in my life, and I give thanks everyday that I have been so blessed.

Always remember that your smile, your kind word, action, deed, will return to you 100 fold and more. Never under estimate the power of prayer and the LOVE that embraces the Universe. I love YOU.

Always and forever

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Have a great weekend.

  2. Your blue art is so beautiful! Belated birthday wishes for a wonderful weekend with family.

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