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Thursday Doors -Japan

Taken visiting Abashiri prison museum in Japan. 現在の網走刑務所で収容者が食べている食事の再現「監獄食」をいただきました。プラスチックの食器に懐かしさを感じてしまいました、、😭(元受刑者ではない)

I received a "prison meal" that reproduces the meal that the inmates are eating at the current Abashiri Prison. I felt nostalgic for the plastic tableware, 😭 (not a former prisoner)  quote from Nori.
Till soon

To see more doors in this weeks Thursday Doors feature, please visit Dan’s site, https://nofacilities.com/2022/02/17/buckingham-square-district/

Comments on: "Thursday Doors -Japan" (5)

  1. The snow structure is intriguing. The pictures are all interesting. I think I would be OK without the prison meal.

  2. I actually like the meal in the monastery. I hope they are there according to their own will. Interesting pictures.

  3. lise lawrence said:

    The door of the prison look like ice.is it ice.have a beautiful night.

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