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so much snow, have to wait to get out of my laneway ( outside my bedroom window)

Such is the way of life. Each day is a new canvas. Each day we begin a new adventure. Sometimes, we are able to simply get on with the day, and other times, we are obliged to wait or take other actions before we can begin to even start on original plans. In my case, I either have to wait for the plow to pull out the snow in the lane, or I have to shovel a path to get out of the garage with the car.. and hope the street plow hasn’t put a huge pile of snow across the end of my laneway

Help the people around you smile more. Always strive to make those around you smile. that will bring you joy too.

Perfect Liberty 2022.18

I could go back to bed. But… no.. that would really turn my schedule upside down. Besides I want to see and hear my birds. Guess I put on my boots/coat and head out to find the shovel.

how wide is my smile!!!

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