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Photo Chris O’Keefe ,NH,USA (fall 2019)

This picture was taken by a friend who wanders upper NY States taking pictures – in particular at one time he was very interested in covered bridges. He would get up VERY~ early and take off on his search, a by product would be scenes he would capture along the way. This one I found to be cheerful. with its sunny flowers - Ottawa right now is dealing with some very unpleasant “happenings”.. our weather has been up and down, cloudy skies, overcast, I went hunting for some “HAPPY”

This sign is hanging on one of my walls … I thought to share it with you today.

I truly believe this… it is a choice we make

You are the result of your daily efforts. Put your whole heart into everything you do in your daily life. Your true self will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2022.20

Our choices are not always easy, and sometimes we have to really meditate and work at changing our mind set. Anything worth having is worth waiting for – patience … Yes.. that goes into the recipe. Prayer/meditation, patience, faith and ability to believe in ourSelves. No one can make us happy, we are the makers of our own happiness. I choose to have “HAPPY” in my life.

Friends, friends are important in our lives. Good friends, friends who can listen, and simply be there to hold your hand when it needs holding. No one can solve or make “things” better… that journey is ours and ours alone. but you can bet your sweet booty, a true friend is worth their weight in precious metals.

Tomorrow is the PL day of Appreciation (Thanksgiving) service will be at 7 pm.

Today, Sunday Service, begins at 10 a.m.


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  1. I have no idea what happened to the fonts in the blog.. I’m leaving it tho’. “what will be, will be”!!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Dymoon. Have a great day.

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