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turtle I met today

A quick note to everyone. I am safe. Ontario, the province live was hit with a sudden and powerful storm. Ottawa (the city ) and surrounding area was hit with a mega force by winds that equaled that of a very damaging tornado/hurricane. Suffice to day there was a lot of damage. I myself am on day 7 without power.

Thankfully I am blessed with friends who have been helping I will be back with more when the power is restored. Till then thank you for your prayers and calls. I managed to get a power bank from Costco. this I charge every morning after my walk so that I have a working cell phone during the day and night.

Be safe everyone. Till soon.

The power the church is restored, there will be a special service this Sunday for those who can make it.

a favourite tree that was snapped in two

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  1. Was wondering about you… glad you are safe. Prayers for the cleanup crews!

  2. Glad to hear you are okay, even if inconvenienced. Scary-looking turtle. Is it a snapper?

  3. I’m glad you’re safe. I hadn’t heard about the storm. It looks like it did a lot of damage.

  4. I hadn’t known about the storm. I am, of course, pleased you are OK

    • thank you.. it is not done, there are still thousands without power. It was a powerful reminder of the majestic forces of nature.

  5. It’s a relief that you are safe!

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