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What happens when something happens that is out of your control. One minute there is a familiar and welcoming environment, and suddenly with a roar of a raging, angry, demented winds and torrential downpour, years of happy memories are wiped out. boom, crash, what was, is gone. Like a ripple in the calm waters. one casualty causes a domino effect.

The forest floor is littered with fallen trees, some have been standing for years, their arms had reached high into the sky, now… they lie broken, no longer able to stand, so damaged there is no way to heal. Because these trees are in areas that are frequented by humans, not all, but some will not be left as they have fallen, but will need to be removed, in most cases, relocated or repositioned so that they are not a safety hazard.

The damages have been so extensive (we are blessed in this Province with a lot of green space.) it will be not weeks, but months , maybe even years before there is a sense of “normal” again. People with special training from the Forestry dept. have been called in.. It is a huge project.

blocked path by a tree that finally fell – yes there is still danger of falling trees!

Some areas might look safe, but if the NCC has danger /caution tapes up, and the sign says THIS SITE IS CLOSED … there is a valid reason for this. I am amazed at just how many times these tapes need replacing because “some people” feel the need to rip them down, and enter when there are clear signs that the area has not been cleared yet and is still a potential danger/risk.

There are ways around the tapes, one can go under or walk to an area that is not barred, people determined to go in, do so at their own risk.. When you take down the caution tapes and rip away the signs saying the site is closed, that puts other people at risk.

It is not fun to be stuck in one place. Instead of being captured by what’s in front of you strive to broaden your horizons.

Perfect Liberty 2022.28

Please be aware that what you do, could have consequences for others.

Think /pause before acting out. or doing something that can impact a decision someone else may make.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.


Comments on: "broken" (4)

  1. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonsoir Dymoon, ca vas bien, nous ca va tres bien. aujourd’hui on a ete en groupe a l’encan de lachutte s’est tres grand il y a de tout meme les enfants peuve faire des tour de cheval, nourrir les chevres, alors le groupe et nous meme on’a eux beaucoup de plaisir.

    A plutard, bonne soiree🌹🌹 Patricia

  2. I love hearing your news… brought some wool to the church for you. think Lise took it for you. HUGS

  3. All of life has been feeling like this lately! Everything feels out of control… pandemic then confusion. Now there is inflation with rapidly rising prices for food and gas. I often wonder where ‘normal’ went and if it will ever return.
    I am looking at your photos–where is this? Must have been a recent hurricane with rain and strong winds?

    • Good morning, I am in Ontario, Canada.. and yes in May the whole Province was visited by a very angry Mother Nature.. the tantrum left us reeling. but.. like all life.. it came and it went, and we were left to “deal” with it. “normal” as we knew it .. will never return, every day is a new beginning… waves across the miles… have a good day!

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