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A beautiful sunny day, the entrance to the site is still closed to visitors. The trees lie where they have fallen, the exposed roots lay bare for all to see. There is no access to the paths or the outdoor facility. Destruction is everywhere. The birds and wildlife are back to singing and going about their business, but to the human visitor, the paths are littered with fallen trees and branches. Very dangerous.

As I wandered on the outskirts of the debris.. I heard a chain saw. Curious I made my way back to the entrance, where a young woman had backed up her truck and was cutting away the limbs that were within her reach. She explained she was gathering up wood for the winter… some of it was obviously too green, but she said, it will be dry for next winter.

I am not an official of the conservation area, I could only caution her as to the risk she would be taking if she ventured into the woods.. I could understand her wanting to gather up the dead wood, her logic was that as people cleared up and put the fallen branches and tree parts to the curb.. there was so much of it, often it could not all be gathered up in one go. So she was in her own way, helping declutter. (her logic)

Since I myself collect fallen bits and pieces for my wood carving and whittling.. I could do nothing but smile and encourage her to be cautious. Life… is what it is…

Start by thinking “let’s do it” Once you decide to do something and put your whole heart into it, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.8

Yes there is potential danger we had such a severe storm, and damage in areas is brutal. However, life is what it is and nature will continue to grow and recycle. I am drawn like a moth to a flame. I find comfort in being near and part of what IS. What will be, will be.. No more, no less.


Comments on: "Looks can be deceiving" (3)

  1. 👌👌👌📷🌈☀️

  2. Youn have taken a sound message from this encounter. Taking dead wood from our forest is forbidden

    • Usually trees that die just lay in waste till they are reclaimed.. the storm completely devastated so much of the forest.. .waves good morning across the miles.

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