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Good morning.. can anyone else see the heart that has been ripped open – bare – open to the world, Time will heal the wound – The sun will warm and the rain will wash away the remnants of what was.. What was a war cry and the horror of being ripped apart, now is the steady slow journey of recovery. Never to be what was, but to accept and move on, to experience what is to be.

Have a joyful day by being a little more creative. You will enjoy your day more by adding a little creativity to your daily activities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.16

Enjoy the week-end everyone. Here we are experiencing a lot of sunshine and very hot, humid weather, typical for this part of Canada. (LOL to me hot is anything over 65 ) but rest easy, it is going into the 80s for you summer lovers. A friend in Arizona texted the other morning it was 9:30 something (a.m.) her time and it was already in the 90’s.. I just wilt thinking about it.

my bitmoji has more grit than I do – enjoy everyone! have fun.

Comments on: "Unlock your superstar" (7)

  1. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, aujourd’hui c’est notre anniversaire de mariage il faut que je soie créative et faire un bon souper à mon André que j’aime beaucoup, je partage ça avec toi, dieu nous protège et tous ceux que j’aime.

    Bonne Journée🌹 Patricia

  2. Beautiful pictures ❣️

  3. Apt for the times, Q

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