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Thursday 4th

Doors come in all shapes and sizes and over the years, I have shared many many doors . Lately I have discovered cigar porn, I had no idea, none… that to some the search for that “perfect” smoke, is like the search for a fine wine. Like anything else, I lived searching out my interests and sharing …which is great fun.. but while I was looking at taking pictures of doors, someone else was searching out a good cigar.. and like the doors cigars come in all shapes and sizes.. AND.. where and how they are grown makes a difference in the taste etc. of the cigar. ie. how long it burns, HOW it burns, etc etc.

Having said that. I went back to my doors and (these were from one folder, out of “many”) I can’t taste the door, but they hold an attraction, I asked myself, is it the door itself, or is it how its been painted and how its being used that makes it “stand out” for me. Is it the door itself or how it fits into the structure (if there is one) .. what is it about doors…??? We are many, I had no idea just how many till I discovered Norm’s Thursday doors,( now hosted by Dan ), Thursday Doors lives on.. and we continue to gather participants. Fellow Door chases/stalkers… any suggestions on how and why we fell in love with “Doors”?

Thursday doors is a widely read and circulated post – I’m curious, have you or do you know of anyone who is into cigars like we are to doors? I’m over 50 I’ve lived a number of years, and it is only recently I’ve discovered there is a world out there where the cigar is the centre of attention.

How many people do you know that walk past, go through and use a door, but never see it.

When you get stuck, go back to the beginning. Could it be that you have forgotten what initially sparked your enthusiasm? By remembering what inspire you in the beginning, you will feel a renewed enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2012.4
Till soon -Oyashikiri

For more doors visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2022/08/04/clay-hill-part-2/

Comments on: "Thursday 4th" (10)

  1. Your description of the perfect door and the passion we have for finding one is spot on. Standing in front of a door, gazing at the artwork before me, elicits many questions just as you suggest. Thank you for the words and excellent door photos. I’m partial to the red one!

  2. I have a couple of friends who appreciate a fine cigar. The area where I live was known for growing tobacco used as the wrapper leaves of fine cigars. IT was a huge industry around here for over a century. Now most of the tobacco fields are gone.

    Doors have so many meanings. I can’t begin to describe how I feel about doors, but they are clearly more than an entrance. I like doors that welcome people into the building – “come see what I’m protecting.” You have some nice ones today, and thanks for helping Thursday Doors to continue.

    • you say most, does that mean there are still tobacco plantations in your part of the States? Waves a warm hug your way. ok, not warm. its too darn hot and humid these days.. but one filled with happy loving thoughts..=^_^=

      • We have never had tobacco fields like they have in the southern states. They grew tobacco here mainly to produce the wrapper (outer) leaves of fine cigars. Some farms also grow broad leaf tobacco that would be chopped for the filler of cigars, but in the heyday, there was much les of that being grown. Some farms are still growing tobacco, but much less. The farm where these warehouses are being build is growing tobacco on maybe 5% of the land they had.

  3. Beautiful photos ! Well shared ! All are excellent ๐Ÿ‘Œ well shared.

  4. Nice post, especially loved that green door.


  5. Oh yes, I know of cigar obsessives!

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