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being still

When you get stuck – take a step back. when you are able to see things objectively, your viewpoint will change and you will receive new wisdom

Perfect Liberty 2022.23

Watching the birds. Yesterday as usual I spent time in the woodlands, just being there, listening to the birds, and taking in the silence. In the countryside, you catch a glimpse of the birds, but you don’t get to see them, just being themselves. A glimpse here and there, they might fly past or be perched on a wire or branch in a tree – but they are not up close and personal.

Since I installed a bird feeder station outside my living room window.. I have seen the birds daily and often. I get to see the mother bird feeding her youngster.. while it perches on a branch beside her, she dips into the feeder, than leans over and feeds it ..its mouth open waiting.. wings fluttering to balance. She is teaching it where to get the seed and how to balance on the feeder. I watched fascinated because behind on other branches patiently waiting for her to tend to her young, two adolescent starlings were waiting to be not at the feeder she was at but on the one the little one was balancing on. Not far from them was a couple more mature Starlings … they too waited for the mother to finish feeding and leave before they beelined it to the feeder they wanted, pushing and being aggressive.

The bigger birds push each other, shove and peck when they want something … yet when Mother bird was feeding her young one, they waited. The mother and baby were sparrows, so different and certainly not of the size of the Starlings.

I’ve noticed Blue Jays now come calling, as well as woodpeckers, cardinals and even pigeons. Yes, the squirrels come calling too. It will be most interesting to see, as the weather changes, who the visitors will be. As time goes on, I will also be able to see more of how the birds are in the community that has begun to take shape in my front yard. the Saskatoon Berry , the Cherry Tree and evergreens are always resting places for the birds.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. You are so wonderfully observant with the birds and other critters!

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